Gifts of The Road

My friend and I escaped the fall with a road trip into autumn.

Books and I have been lovers since I was an infant, but we've been on a break lately, simply because my the rest of my loves and responsibilities usurped the place they had held in my life. Prior to our trip, I had not had a chance to read for more than fifteen minutes at a time, and that perhaps only once a week. But, on our trip, I woke early one morning and read for hours in the library of our temporary home, giving my stresses over to the giant hand and my mind entirely to the book.

For much of the rest of the long weekend, we toed sand and trails and accidental turns that led to unexpected space.

Here, we stopped. Here, I took pictures with my phone, sending them immediately to my husband. Here, I wrote. This is us.

On our trip, my friend and I encountered a manta ray, wild turkeys, pelicans, cormorants, lots and lots of crabs, sea anenomes, starfish, and parakeets. We also found parts of ourselves.


Michelle said…
Perfect weekend.
Patsy said…
Could you tell us where you went? It's beautiful, as is your writing.
Christina said…
Hi Patsy. Thank you for your kind words! We took a road trip from the LA area to Ben Lomond/Santa Cruz, and down the coast back to the LA area. It took us three days. The pictures are from various spots on the trip. There is a whole lot of beauty in this state!

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