Saturday, November 02, 2013

Progress Report: The Front Meadow

These bottle bugs that E and I brought from Rosario hang in the crepe myrtle that grows at the edge of the meadow.

Last year, my friend Russ of LA Farm Hands helped me install a puddle of meadow in my front yard, replacing what I had left of a lawn. (If you're curious, you can read about that installation here.) I've enjoyed the meadow for a year now, and today, I spent a few minutes looking at pictures of it just post-installation, comparing those photos to the way it looks now. Let's take a look at it this morning:

The clumps of Carex praegracilis are widening, but still haven't tangled into each other.

I didn't know to expect the pretty golden curls on the aging leaves. C. praegracilis is providing more textural interest than I anticipated.

I like the way the light plays on it.

The ipheion I tucked in a couple places to provide winter color is sending up its foliage; midwinter it will put on a show of starry blue-lavender flowers. Last winter's performance lasted well over a month.

The rainlily (Zephyranthes candida) foliage disappears into the sedge's leaves, but its surprise, crystalline flowers feel like treasures when they appear.

Overall, I love how this meadow is shaping up, even though it has not yet fully grown in. It's so much more interesting than a lawn, it takes less water to look good, and each season gives it new pleasures to enjoy.


Anonymous said...


I am inspired by your meadow and especially intrigued by this flower that blooms mid-winter. What a treat. Does the meadow take care of itself in terms of water, or is it irrigated regularly?

Christina said...

Hi Jessica. I do water the meadow, but it certainly needs less water than the lawn to look great. And, I don't need to mow it!

The ipheion is wonderful. I hope it multiplies and spreads enough for me to be able to share it, because you should definitely have some!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I want a small green lawn. I'm evil, I know. I had one that I grew from seed, but it never really happened. Guess I'm kinda lazy because of all the low water pants I keep around.

I did put in fountain grass but I ended up tearing it out because it was aggressive. (and it fought back too - ouch)

Christina said...

You are not evil, PA!