Sunday, December 02, 2012

Tourist at Home

Yesterday, my husband and I spent hours with birds and water at The LA County Arboretum. Baldwin Lake makes me feel like I'm somewhere very far away and very romantic. It was a good day.


Michelle said...

It looks like a lovely day indeed. The ducks are especially beautiful. Coincidentally, I spotted a few mallards just a few days ago on the Carmel river. I've not had the luck to see a Wood duck though. I can't wait to get outside again, I spent the entire day today cooped up inside because of the rain. I managed to get outside yesterday but it seems like ages ago already.

Unknown said...

What a lovely outing! I think I'm going to follow your lead and make a visit to one of our local gardens, just to have a different perspective. I'm feeling the need for a little hike and camera time. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.