Just Hatched Today

My friend, a science teacher, gave me a cage full of monarch caterpillars and chrysalis last month with the hope that, since I live closer to the coast than she does, the hatched butterflies would have an easier time making it over the mountains on their migratory path. The first one hatched out of its chrysalis yesterday, with a couple more today. I can't express how it amazing it is to see the wings, wrinkled little nubs, straighten and turn into velvet stained glass. Miraculous.


Michelle said…
Amazing and miraculous indeed! How long did it take for them to fully emerge? Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.
Christina said…
Hi Michelle! It took about 25 minutes for the butterfly to pull itself out of the chrysalis and for the wings to spread and firm up. I could see the wings expanding. Beautiful! Monarchs can spend as little as four days and as much as 8 months in the chrysalis stage. It depends on the weather and what generation of the year the butterflies are. These guys have been in the chrysalis stage for about 3 weeks.
Aaron Gardener said…
Great post! I included it in my first "What's Growing On" digest of wonderful garden and nature blogger posts for December 2012 -


Happy 2013!

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