Better Than Cough Syrup

I haven't yet kicked the cold, and my snotty state makes cooking less-than-inspiring. I have, however, been sincerely enjoying the home remedies that readers have posted on my last entry. Here are my two favorites:

1) From Anonymous: Bake a lemon (loosely tinfoil wrapped) in the oven until it pops. Squish it open like a baked potato and cover it with honey. Use the tinfoil as a wrapper/holder . . . slurp up hot honey and lemon pulp.

That not only sounds effective but also delicious, and it is just my kind of medical treatment. One baked lemon, stat!

2) From Another Outspoken Female: I've been known to gargle chili vodka. Homemade and potent.

Brilliant! I love this comment for multiple reasons. First, in its sincere extremity, it is funny. Second, man, now I have to make homemade chili vodka. I have yet another use for next summer's chili bounty.

Here's another "remedy" to add to the list. It's sure to open up those bronchi like only alcohol can, but its good-for-you ingredients make it seem a little more healthy. But most of all, it is just fun. Various recipes present this drink various ways—some with straight honey, some with vodka, and some with sour mix rather than the good fresh stuff. It's an old, Prohibition-era recipe; apparently the honey originally masked rotgut gin. Luckily, all that is in the past nowadays with today's bright, herby-cucumbery gins. The incarnation below is the simplest, best way to make it, as well as the most delicious.

The Bees' Knees
2 oz gin
3/4 oz honey syrup (one part water to one part honey, heated just until combined, then cooled and kept in the refrigerator)
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice.

Shake all the ingredients with roughly-crushed ice cubes and strain into a glass.

Sip this, shimmy into your beaded dress, toss some brassy jazz on the Victrola, and step out of your head cold and into a different time.


GS said…
Of course you are meant to spit out, not swallow gargles ;-)
Anonymous said…
Russian folk cold remedy: roll a hot, hard-boiled egg all over your nose and sinuses (wrap it in a dishcloth to stop it being too hot). Do this for about 20 mins and your sinuses magically clear, so you can breathe easily. Perfect last thing at night to help sleep.
Hope my well-wishing is woefully belated and you're all better now, Christina. I think occasional dosing with The Bees' Knees may still be indicated, though. In fact, I'm thinking of taking precautionary measures myself. But I think I'll skip the beaded dress.
Christina said…
AOF: Hee hee.

Soilman: That is just fascinating. I have to try it!

Terry B: I'm feeling much better, thanks for asking. Let me know what you think of the Bees' Knees.
Kale for Sale said…
My final remedy was to go to the doctor after a week and a half of the cough. Cough medicine with codeine, was the answer. I love remedies but was also appreciative of the prescription. But I hadn't tried vodka or gin first. Next time. Thanks for the recipe.

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