Oh Boy

I didn't know it could be done.

But it could.

And I could do it.

I followed these directions to the T and ended up with New York in my kitchen on a balmy SoCal day.

Now that I've done it once, I'll be experimenting, and I promise that sometime soon, A Thinking Stomach's very own version of homemade bagels will grace these pages.


GS said…
Wow - they look like the real deal! For me it's East London, not NY that they remind me of. The Brick Lane market and the old bagel shops that slapped the boiled breads out on weathered old wooden slats.

An old memory but a goodie :)
Anonymous said…
omg! Those are gorgeous!! They're not even gigundo bagels. I hearby christen you a real New Yorker :-)
Susan C said…
I've heard that the bagel bakeries can't hold a candle to home made, but I haven't been ambitious enough to find out first hand.
Maris said…
These look so good - maybe even better than NY!
Anonymous said…
These look wonderful. I am now inspired to branch out to bagels.
Anonymous said…

I'm surrounded by good ones, but long to be able to make my own. I followed Nigella Lawson last time and was sadly disappointed.

Balmy you say? Hope it cools down soon.
JR Erickson said…
Those look wonderful!!! I'm going to have to try it
Christina said…
AOS: They were mighty good and not too difficult to make. The actual work time was limited, although the rise was long and slow.

Ann: Why thank you! Those are kind words indeed.

Susan C: Try them sometime when you have a leisurely breakfast ahead of you. Start the day before so they can rise slowly in the refrigerator. They actually weren't hard to make at all--they just took planning.

Maris: I don't know about better than NY, but I do know they're better than storebought around here. Yum.

Dea Anne: Go for it, and let me know how it turns out.

JR Erickson: I hope the bagel-making goes well for you.
AJK said…
Wow! Beauts! I wonder if I can attempt Gluten-free kinds...

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