Sunday, March 30, 2008

So Loved

In the past few weeks, I have been loved up and down and sideways, and not just by ECG.

My church family and friends threw me a wedding shower that included all sorts of females, ages 17 to 107. Each guest wrote me a wedding advice card. One of the more interesting cards came from a 70-odd year old couple who wrote, "When you fight—and you will fight—fight nude."

My closest local budettes created a nearly-spontaneous bachelorette party that ended up with a few of us swaying back and forth, singing along with a strange young man in a Gustav Klimt tshirt who played Journey songs on the grand piano in the early hours of the morning. Don't stop believing, hang on to this fe-e-e-ling.

At work, a few dear people put together a little after-the-school-day shower for me with margaritas and plenty of estrogen. It was a sweet, special time that I didn't know to expect. Earlier in the same day, the wrestling coach, a man famous for his winning record and non-existent smile, came up and hugged me.

And finally (I hesitate to say finally because the love keeps coming at me), Saturday night a few friends came over, and after a meal of take-out and champagne, tried out multiple versions of potential wedding-day make-up palettes. I am not a make-up person and needed all the help I could get. I think—I hope—we found a winner.

Now, I am in the midst of the multitudes of preparations for the actual event. Dress, a spectacular purple number, check. Guests and their housing and transportation, check. Music mix for dinner and dancing, including song requests from the guests so everybody gets at least one of their favorites, check. Wedding rings, simple and eternal, check. Parents who have done so much work to make this a beautiful, meaningful, intimate event in their town, check. The best husband-to-be in the world: I have him, in spades. I am one lucky, lucky woman. By this time next Sunday, I'll be married and will probably already be dancing. I'll be dancing my way with my husband to the airport next Tuesday and across the ocean to Italy. We'll take a drunken waltz up the boot of Italy, a sweet slow number back across the ocean, and we have all of our lives to learn to dance to the rhythms we encounter along the way.

So, for a bit, as I prepare for and begin the rest of my life, I'll leave my home, garden, and pets, flowers, and blog in the hands of dear friends.

I'll see you in a few weeks.


Lucy said...

And I shall be dancing with you (though not, of course, physically. In spirit, obviously).

Fight nude. Now that's a sound bit of advice if ever I heard it.

Purple dress. Girl, you will be something special. We'll look after your blog for you while you shimmy your way up that continental boot.

Best of luck, darls! Not that you'll need an ounce of it...

Wendy said...

Wonderful. Wishing you both a spectacular wedding day and all the happiness in the world!
Loved the 70 year old' advice, BTW. Gotta remember that one.

Susan in Italy said...

Hooray! I'm glad you're getting all that special attention for your wedding. I LOVE that you're getting married in a purple dress and I LOVE the idea of fighting naked. Gotta remember that...

winedeb said...

Much happiness to the both of you Christina! I know your garden is smiling for you! Have a great time making many wonderful memories!

Anonymous said...

Fight nude? Hehehehe... Gotta tell this to my husband. I'm so glad all this love is coming your way. Sending our love thru the internet too! Have tons of fun and wonderful memories! Looking forward to see you back and I wanna see pictures!

Rowena said... that a tear coming out of my eye? I'm, I'm....Hand me a tissue!

Have a wonderful day of exchanging "I do's" and a fabulous time in Italy. I'll be looking forward to your return (just can't get enough of the gardening scene). :-)

Esther Montgomery said...


Arrived on a visit from Blotanical.

Seems you have things other than plants on your mind at present.

Hope you have a wonderful time.

Esther Montgomery

Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so so so very happy for you both! I hope your day has been amazing and that your first day as husband and wife will be the best day ever. I can't wait to hear about your honeymoon. My thoughts are with you!

Christine said...

I wish i could have been there to watch you walk down the aisle. :'( i'm glad you're so loved and that you're so happy. i wish you the best and enjoy being married!!! Show me pictures and tell me all about it. I really want to know. Take care happy woman :) When i come back i'll have to bring you some traditional korean wedding gift. hehe...for now i can only give you my best wishes (my lazy ass has not figured out the mail system, but maybe i can order something online.) email me your address sometime.

Betty and Corin said...

congratulations!! My brother told me you were getting married! Let me know how Italy went!