Summer Begins

Yesterday was the last day I had to be at work for the 2013-2014 school year. Now, summer sits ahead of me, ripe and fragrant and full of possibility.

I celebrated the beginning of my freedom yesterday by heading straight from work to The Huntington.

While walking through my familiar corners of the garden, I found myself under a Rose Apple in blossom with fruit hanging on it too, in various degrees of ripeness. Though I've read about this fruit, I've never tried it. Something named a Rose Apple must be tasted, right? I looked around to check for garden staff; seeing none, I pulled a ripe looking fruit—they appear nearly identical to guavas—off the tree, smelled it, then bit right in.

Ha! A fruit that tastes identical to rose-scented Turkish Delight.

It's going to be a great summer.


Jessica said…
Congrats on another school year completed! May your summer be restful and rejuvenating. Beautiful pictures. I have never seen the ponds in bloom.
Anonymous said…
I have to be there tomorrow, so yay! the lotus are in bloom. Don't you think the seedpods look like showerheads? Or maybe microphones?
Christina said…
Jessica: You should go soon. The lotus are amazing!

AH: Showerheads! Definitely! The patch of white lotus in the Chinese garden was the nicest looking; the others either weren't blooming very much yet or looked a little ill.

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