A Smidge Obsessed

They are drought tolerant, in love with my sandy-gritty-alkaline soil, and easy with a major caveat: the gophers love them too.

White Hot and others.

Cosmic Celebration

Cosmic Celebration from above.

Miles Ahead.

Navajo Velvet.

Mad World.



Private Eye.

Thornbird again.

Safari Sunset.
I want more.


Christina, when we lived in St. Louis, Marion was able to grow amazing irises. Chicago is less welcoming to them. Still, she was in awe of your photos. Wonderful.
Christina said…
Thanks, Terry and Marion! They're pretty addictive.
Aprille said…
Gorgeous photos :-)
These are spectacular choices.

I used to purchase from a place up in Oregon. The most salivating catalogue would have me beside myself with all the choices. Regrettably I lost most of them along the way (many moves) where I'd try to home them till I found a permanent place. In the end, I had a blue Iris and a heritage iris I got from a demolished rock house in Claremont. They made it to my forever home. You may have seen the blue on Face Book
Paris Marco said…
Beautiful photos of very gorgeous flowers. Nice variety of colors in your choices. I'd love to see more photos of your garden. Keep it up!

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