Rosario, Argentina: In The Details

(Click on the photos to scroll through them; because of their larger size, the formatting gets funky in the standard view, and I haven't figured out how to solve that yet.)

The drapes match the flag.

Who are these beauties?

Curves and angles and metal shutters.


That one with the curved balcony is for sale.

I spend a lot of time in Rosario looking up.

The new reflects the old.

Broken neon and a bee.


Curves against spare white walls.


How can you not?

At a restaurant on the river's boardwalk.

The storm killed the tree; the artist brought it back to life.

The best colors for a produce shop ever.

Life in the cemetery.

Beauty in the cemetery.

Death in the cemetery.

The birth of Rome in neon and iron.

This may be my favorite building I've seen in my time in Rosario so far. Check out the concrete ivy vining up above the side door. Look at the curved panes, the pink and white tile work, the horse-shoe shaped entrance.


The Moderator said…
That is a remarkable series of photographs. Thank you for posting them here.

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