The windows are open and the breeze is playing with the curtains. E is working from home today, and we get to spend the day in the presence of each other. Currently, he's typing at ridiculous speed and whistling along with the tango that is dancing through the house, adding lyrics along these lines, "IhatecomputersIhatecomputersIhatecomputers.I.hate.comp.u.ters." Along with the breeze and the tango and the panting dog and E's silly whistles and lyrics, there is another sound. 

The fledgling mockingbirds are learning to fly, and they are loud-ass critters. I wish I knew what they were saying. Help me out with some captions, will you? Try making a series for all of them, or just come up with one really good one. Either is acceptable. Either will make me happy. The winner will be chosen subjectively based on whatever makes me laugh out loud.

Have fun!










may I ask what kind of camera you are using? no blur
Christina said…
Hi PA: It's a Sony SLT-A55V. E gave it to me for Christmas this past year, and it has made a big difference in what images I am able to capture.
Stefaneener said…
I only have one. #1: "Hey!"
Anonymous said…
Are you having an argument with Bachelor #7?
Christina said…
Stefaneener: I think "Hey" may be exactly what he was saying.

AH: He wasn't yelling at me. The fledgling was bitching at his mom to come feed him. He and his brother were in an attention war.

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