It means something different to each person, but to me, right now luxury means summer time and summer produce, and now, after a long school year full of transitions and unique challenges, I am rich in both.

Summer is here—just look at what today gave me.

The last potato harvest of the season, mostly my favorite variety, Viking Purple.

The first meal-sized harvest of green beans, Jeminez, Goldmarie, and Blue Coco.

Blueberries! Almost a pint basket in today's harvest.

Eva's Pride peaches. I'm happily swimming in them, and I'll tell you more about them in tomorrow's post.

If you'd like to see what others across the world are harvesting this week, stop by Daphne's Dandelions and check out the garden goods for Harvest Monday.


Michelle said…
It's all so beautiful, such a colorful harvest! I'm looking forward to seeing more about those luscious peaches.
You can grow blueberries here? How is that possible?

Congratulations on your spectacular harvest. The lushness of the peaches remind me of Georgio O'keeffe
Liz said…
Beautiful harvests - I really like the colour of those Viking Purple potatoes. Just beautiful. I am trying to grow blueberries this year - I would love to have some like yours.
What a colorful and bountiful harvest. Love all of the shades of blue, purple and green!
Mary Hysong said…
blue berries don't do so well here in the desert, but peaches and other tree fruits do well. My little peach tree is loaded and so is one of my plums and one of my apples. I'm growing All Blue potatoes this year and can't wait to harvest some.
Christina said…
Michelle: And more about them is on the way!

PA: Yes, they take a little coddling since both our soil and our water are so alkaline and they need acidity. I plant them in a giant planter filled with peat and the contents of a worm bin. I mulch it heavily with live oak leaves. The planter gets about half a day's sun, not a full day. Sunshine Blue is the easiest variety to grow here. I should write a post about blueberries!

Liz: The Viking Purple are gorgeous, deep purple with deep pink splotches. The flesh is bright white. They're delicious, kind of sweet and nutty, and very versatile too.

Coral: Thank you!

Mary Hysong: What kind of peach do you have, again? It is so nice to have home grown fruit.
Stefaneener said…
The peaches look just gorgeous, and the blueberries are so abundant. Yum. Sounds like a tart or crisp to me. . .
Jessica said…
Wow, everything looks so beautiful! What type of blueberry bushes do you grow? I am hoping to make them the next addition to my garden.

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