It Took A Few Days

The day after school let out, E and I hit the road through the desert for two days towards a week of mountain-y winter, complete with clear, endless skies and a very good smelling kitchen.


E's family met us in my parent's town, and all of us shared a northern New Mexico Christmas.


The road back felt so long this time around, and when we crossed El Cajon pass Friday and entered the basin full of smoke from the Hollywood arson fires, we felt like turning around and driving right back out of California. That night, even after we got home, both E and I were depressed and antsy.

Then, the next day, we picked up Indiana, who we had missed terribly and who was so excited to be home he didn't stop flying through the lemon blossom air for at least six hours.

Close friends came over and we spent an evening of firepitting and talking. And this morning, as I was poking around the garden, weeding, watering, and reacquainting myself to status of each plant, I found a fresh green praying mantis on one of the cymbidiums on the front patio. You know how I feel about praying mantids. Right then, I knew I was home. I also knew, that in 2012, no matter what else happens, I have to write, a lot.


Wendy said…
Stunning pictures, Christina. A Happy New Year to you and E & Indiana. x
Michelle said…
It all looks so heavenly, what a great way to spend the holidays. But truly, there is nothing like the joys to be found in your own home and garden. Here's to a good year in 2012.
Christina said…
Thank you, Wendy! Same to you and your man and Marco!

Back at ya, Michelle. I love watching your garden grow, and I know that 2012 will bring great garden-following-pleasure. Happy New Year!

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