It's That Time of Year

This season, during state testing and just before AP testing, is my busiest, most nerve-wracking time of the year. Like the classroom geek that I am, I spend huge chunks of time just sitting, brainstorming, developing ways to help my kids perform their absolute best during these three weeks of super-pressurized-educational-near-implosion.

So, I haven't been posting much, and I won't until exams are over.

In the meantime, I'll link you up to some of my favorite springtime posts of years past.
  • How to survive the horrors of a popular plant sale: The Rules
  • The type of moment I absolutely live for, where science, history, and food collide: Way, Way Up
  • Gophers really piss me off, but they also make me think (and yes, I have decided to trap and kill them): On Words and Gophers
  • This one still makes me cry, three years later: Framily
  • And, trotting out a really old one, but one that captures the flip side of the stress of this time of year: Hope Springs in Purple
See ya after exams.


Dan said…
Nice Shot!!

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