Argentina: Tango

At a family barbecue, of which there were many in my three weeks in Argentina, I met the girlfriend of one of my husband's cousins. This beautiful, funny, engaging young woman was excited to practice her English on me and answer the many questions I had as well as she could. She had a few for me too. "So what do you think of tango?" I told her that I thought the music was beautiful, but I wasn't sure the dancing itself moved me the way it clearly moved other people.

"Asado, mate, humita, tango," she said, as she pressed one hand over the other on her chest. "These are us."


Sarah said…
I hope you got to a milonga and not just a tango show. The tango shows never moved me either, but the music always did, ever since I was a kid. Why I tango is not so people watch, but so that I can be a part of that music.
Anonymous said…
Oh gosh, that last picture takes my breath away.
Christina said…
Sarah: We saw tango twice. The first time was at a show in Buenos Aires, shown in these pictures. The second was at an 80th birthday party in Ramirez, and it was a much less formal event. Unfortunately, one of the dancer's boobs fell out of her dress. Luckily/unluckily, the 80 year old man didn't happen to be watching at the moment.

AH: Thanks!

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