Salad Days, Part 1

A challenge for myself and for all the green goodness that is coming out of the garden right now: a salad for each day of this week, starting yesterday, based on what is coming out of the yard, accented with farmer's market extras.

Sugar snaps, de Cicco broccoli, and Meyer lemons: none of these made it into last night's salad.

Crimson flowered favas: they'll be showing up soon in a salad near you.

Um, a not-so-Crimson flowered fava: I better pull this out to keep the line pure. It's a purty little thing.

Red Acre cabbage: It is all heading at once (note to self for next year, stagger your red cabbage plantings)!

Yesterday, I made a salad of shredded cabbage and carrot, with toasted pistachios and sliced avocado. I dressed it with garlic, red pepper, spicy brown mustard, mandarin juice, and olive oil.

The pistachios were the killer ingredient in this one. Their sweet nuttiness made the avocado even more avocado-y.


Michelle said…
That pretty little pink thing looks like a Valentine's Day fava. I didn't plant any crimson favas this year, it took them ever so long to produce beans and I just didn't want to wait that long again. Perhaps I'll plant a few late ones for ornamental purposes.

The cabbage salad looks delicious, I love all the ingredients, especially avocado. Lately I've been tossing pepitas into a lot of things, I bet they would be good in a salad like that.
Amy said…
The cabbage salad is going on my list; it sounds yummy and I am often not fair to cabbage.
That fava looks lovely.
Bec said…
Yum, that cabbage salad looks good!
Stefaneener said…
That salad sounds like my idea of heaven. Maybe I'll shred something for lunch today. The rest of it looks very familiar! Nice cabbage heads.
Christina said…
Michelle: This is the second year that I've grown them, and I agree: they do take longer to fruit. I'm beginning to think that they're daylight sensitive. Do you save squash seeds for your own pepitas? If so, how do you prepare them?

AmyR: My husband is taking the slow route to learning to love it, too. He liked this salad though. Avocado will lead him to most things.

DGG: Isn't it pretty? I decided that I couldn't bear to pull it out, so I'll just keep pulling the flowers off and tossing them in salads and such.

Bec: I hope you enjoy it.

Stefaneener: What your favorite way to prepare cabbages as they come in?

Linda: Enjoy.
Anonymous said…
The scarlet runner bean seeds you gave me now have some beautiful flowers.

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