When in Flagstaff

Eat like the locals, the very well-fed locals.

This pizza rivals the wonderful pizzas we enjoyed in Italy: the crust is infused with wood smoke and balances crunch with chew, and the toppings are fresh and locally sourced. The restaurant even makes its own mozzarella on the premises.

Mismatched plates and a simple dining room don't take away from the joy of eating at New Jersey Pizza Company. In fact, the only real problem with the place is its poor ability to advertise itself. Though once the restaurant had a lit sign, it fell down a while ago and hasn't been replaced, so it takes a keen eye to find the place in the dark. Even the menu, though listing a correct address, provides an incorrect website.

ECG and I fell in love with New Jersey Pizza Company on our quick overnight in Flagstaff a few weeks ago. We think you'll love it too.


Michelle said…
Lucky locals, I wish we had a pizza place like that around here. I guess they really don't need to advertise.
Christina, your great grandchildren are going to grow up in a beautiful place.
Christina said…
Michelle: Tell me about it. If we had one of these around the corner, I'm not sure we'd ever leave the neighborhood.

Terry B.: Well you're just as sweet as honey on a sugar cube. Thank you!
Lucky indeed...wow...that looks so good...now im thinking casa bianca but they're closed...
Kalena Michele said…
Ahh, pizza. My sister and I visited Miami and found a place called Anthony's Wood-Fired pizza. There's nothing better than that taste you described. Now I'll have to make pizza tomorrow. THANKS! lol

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