Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Not Really About Quiche

Oh, I really wanted to write about an incredible quiche that I created, rich with the ingredients of the beginning of fall: roasted Pasilla peppers, sage, fresh corn, mushrooms.


It wasn't great. It wasn't horrible, but it just wasn't great. I didn't get the proportion of custard to goodies right, so I've got to tweak and rework the recipe until it sings the way it has potential to sing. Definitely more eggs and cream and cheese, or maybe a different cheese will appear in the reworking.

When I imagined posting this quiche that I set out to create, I wanted to crown the beginning of this school year with jewels of capability. I wanted to say, "Hey, look at me! I can start the school year, keep up with the ever-growing-garden, invent delicious dishes, and actually semi-regularly post on this site!" Clearly, I'm not as amazing as I hoped I would be. Nope, in fact, I'm downright unamazing. Just like the quiche, more often than not, I'm meh, as the kids would say.

This sounds a bit whiny as I reread it; while on the surface it may seem that way, truthfully, I'm not complaining for I have more to rejoice in daily than I ever expected. And all of that seems more evident than ever after getting through this summer.

Tonight, it is cool. As I write this at the desk in front of my living room window, a man is walking by my house wearing a sweatshirt—a sweatshirt!—and though an occasional water-bearing helicopter still flies over, for the most part, I can watch the sun set without a stain of smoke or the fluorescent scar of fire retardant. I have a job, a good one I love, one that even keeps me entertained. Today, in the classroom, while I gave a little mini lesson on rhetorical terms, the students exemplified the word anecdote by telling a few. We laughed and laughed at the ridiculous little tales we've lived through, and I thought to myself, these kids make me so lucky. Tonight, my husband, a man who loves me thoughtfully and generously, is working late at his job, one that while difficult and sometimes frustrating, allows him real work using all parts of his brain. We have a house full of music and books and computers and art and affectionate animals, and frequently, full of kind, fascinating friends and family.

So I am meh, my kitchen-brainstorming ineffective, and my quiche mediocre, and . . . so what. I'm going to go eat quiche leftovers joyfully.

Holy crap. I sound like a Hallmark card. Whatever, I've got a dinner to go eat.


Zora said...

Hallmark card, schmallmark card. It could be worse--you could've written that all in rhyming verse.

And _that_ rhyme was totally by accident. Good luck with the new school year! And the quiche concept sounds great.

ann said...

I'm not as amazing as I wish I could be either, but I still think we're both pretty awesome :-)
Yay new school year! Yay quiche (even if it's not the tastiest)!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, all those helicopters worried me a little. Guess we're a little shell shocked around here.

(Bet you're a popular teacher.)

Christina said...

Zora aka Accidental Rhymer: Yeah, but concept doesn't equal masterpiece--I've got to keep working on it. As I made it though, I was reminded of how much I LOVE roasted chilies.

Ann: Thanks! I know, for sure, that YOU are awesome.

Christina said...

AH: Those 'copters were buzzing around, but I kept looking up and not seeing a trail of smoke. I think they must have been working the other side of the mountain? I bet by the time dark fell today that you found out what they were up to.

Wendy said...

We all have our meh-moments. We aren't all able to write about it this eloquently though.
Thank you. :)

June said...

Thanks for sharing the meh with the good. Your life makes great blog material because you observe it carefully, all of it. You live beautifully.

Christina said...

Wendy and June: Thank you for your very kind words. I hope you're having a gorgeous September.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Christina, you are so not meh. Looking forward to your tweaked quiche.

Jean Z. said...

I actually love those meals that don't work out. They give me a chance to create something better, or at least to challenge myself until I get it right. - Just watch for my upcoming White Chocolate Mousse disaster!

Petrea Burchard said...

You're "meh" is at least interesting food for thought.

I like making quiche because it's a good catch-all food and it's easy (I buy the store-bought crusts, but at least I buy the best). But sometimes it doesn't work. Not all catch-all works together.

My husband's grateful no matter what I fix, and he'll eat it even if I can't. Makes me feel blessed.