Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Farm Hands

A few weeks ago, I promised to publicize someone who started a company to provide consultations, installations, and maintenance of food producing gardens. Well, someone has, and that someone turns out to be my good friend Russell.

If you live in the San Gabriel Valley and you're looking for help with your veggie and fruit gardens, you may want to consider employing the very talented Russ for help. (He has his masters in landscape architecture! He's a sculptor with an incredible sense of design! He's remarkably kind, responsible, and hard working!) Biased I am, but instead of relying on my praise, I'll share what he's written about what he can offer:

Farm Hands is a company specializing in creating and maintaining yards to be not only beautiful, but useful, too. Created by a recent landscape architecture graduate student and staffed by garden care specialists, Farm Hands installs and maintains vegetable gardens and existing fruit trees, in yards of all shapes and sizes (on a small or large scale). We consult with each client to determine the best possible set up, but the choice ultimately rests with each owner.

The process is simple: Each week, your own “Farm Hand” will maintain your garden plot(s), using organic techniques and harvesting the produce at its peak. As the number of Farm Hands yards in your area grows, so does the option to share your produce with others in exchange for edibles not in your own plot(s). Additionally, individuals lacking yards of their own can sign up to receive a basket of vegetables each week from a local vegetable garden near their neighborhood.

Price per installation varies.
Price for fruit tree maintenance and harvesting also varies

We offer two sizes of vegetable baskets per week:
Full Basket - $35 per week – Good for two people or a small family
Half Basket - $25 per week – Good for one person

Additionally, Farm Hands offers these basic services:

• Initial garden evaluation, soil testing, design, and installation
• Weekly garden follow up to keep the yard space growing and producing edibles
• Organic techniques to grow and maintain vegetables and existing fruit trees
• A weekly basket of produce from your yard and possibly others in your neighborhood
• Ongoing garden maintenance, organic disease and pest control, and networking with other farm owners in your area

If Russell's company Farm Hands sounds like a good fit for you or something you'd like to learn more about, you can contact him at LAfarmhands@gmail.com.


Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

What a fabulous business. There is a similar one here in Toronto and more keep popping up. We also have an organization called Not Far From The Tree where people can list their trees as fruit baring and this company (and it's volunteers) will come harvest it. Like urban forraging

Sarah said...

BRILLIANT. I have written to him already!

Christina said...

Meghan: Gotta love all the ways we can connect people to our planet. Thanks for sharing Not Far From the Tree with me.

Sarah: Hooray!