So very, very sick.

Remember how it felt like when you were a little kid and you fell on your knees while running in gravel? Little pieces of stone sunk deep into your pink kiddy flesh; the shock turned some areas of the wound dead-white, but where the rocks bit deep enough, blood started to seep out, just before your tears. Remember how you hated to tell your mom because you knew she'd clean your knees up and douse them with something germ-killing, and that whole process hurt even more than the fall? Remember grimacing and sucking in your breath and that silly huffing wail that you let out when you finally allowed her to touch your bloody knees? Remember all of that?

That is how my throat feels right now.

So I've got my hot mug of lime juice and honey.

I've gargled with hot salt water, swallowed more than my share of Vitamin C, gulped down plenty of knock-off brand Airborne, but no success yet. You got more solutions out there?


Anonymous said…
bake a lemon (loosely tinfoil wrapped) in the oven until it pops. Squish it open like a baked potato and cover it with honey. Use the tinfoil as a wrapper/holder... slurp up hot honey and lemon pulp.
Half Baked said…
Hope you feel better soon!!
Anonymous said…
All I can add is sleep, darls. Sleep long and hard on nicely fluffed pillows and generally give in to being a sick person. It will do you the world of good, I can tell you.

As we both know, moving knock you around. Love the baked lemon idea, though. Brilliant.
Add garlic to that lime and honey drink. I know it doesn't sound very nice, but my nanna always swears by it, and now I'm older I can see her logic!
GS said…
Ouch :(

Your throat is bringing back bad memories of having glandular fever (mono) for months on end. Nasty.

I've been known to gargle chili vodka. Homemade and potent.

Naps and a little tea and sympathy is good medicine.
Christina said…
Anonymous: Wow, that sounds like dessert. I want to try that right now. Yum.

Half Baked: Why, thank you!

Lucy: Thanks for the well-wishes. My throat doesn't hurt anymore, but now I'm just a drippy bag of mucus, pouring from everywhere possible spot. Argh.

Emma: Garlic is indeed very good stuff. Thanks for the suggestion.

AOF: Gargling chili vodka? Why, you are my kind of woman! What a brilliant, half-mad, wonderful idea!
Erica said…
I make a tea out of 3-4 garlic cloves, fresh lemon, and honey. It sounds horrible, but it's not too bad and it really helps. You will need to shower more often, the garlic smell radiates off you, just a FYI haha :)

Hope you are feeling better soon!
Anonymous said…
Lots of rest and fresh ginger steeped in hot water. Hang in there!
Wendy said…
My deepest sympathies. I'm just over something similar and it was awful. Especially because I got it during half-term break! Boo.

Lots of sleep and lots of oranges is my advice.

Hope you get better soon. x
Anonymous said…
Feel better soon!

A little recommendation, I found these to be so delicious and useful in my kitchen:


Jean Z. said…
Hope you're feeling better. I'm just getting over mine, too. I woke up with a fire in my throat last week. I found that by clearing my sinuses it actually helped my throat because it helped to eliminate the annoying post-nasal drip. To do this, mash garlic (wild preferably) with lemon in a large glass bowl. Add 1 to 2 tbls. cider vinegar. Add boiling water. Place a towel over your head and lean over bowl and inhale the steam (carefully). It should clear it out. Good luck -- jean
Sara said…
You know, I have a big, white scar on my knee from just such a fall down my childhood gravel drive way...ah memories.

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