Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Perfect Three Day Weekend

Hiking in the hills with students who have never seen a stream before.

A fluffy pinky-peach peony bouquet.

A real reason to celebrate: ECG's very successful defense of his PhD dissertation. This leads to a happy brunch with friends--baked eggs, good white bread, the first jam I've made in the season, bacon, fresh juice, and coffee.

And of course, the joys of organic gardening.

The luxury of time that a three day weekend provides is just a nibble compared to the feast of summer, and this weekend served very well to whet my appetite. I'm hungry for more free days.


Lucy said...

Long weekends are pure bliss.

You mean they'd never seen a stream? Good on you for taking them out and about. Your garden seems to be coming along well, doesn't it?

Susan in Italy said...

Looks like a lot of funa and a delicious meal. I had a similar weekend hiking in the Alps.

Where do your students live?

Anonymous said...

I love your peony photo. I'm hungry for more free days, too!

Christina said...

Lucy: A couple of them had never seen a stream in anything other than a movie. It was great to be able to share that with them. And, yes, my garden is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! I couldn't be happier with it.

Susan in Italy: My students live in a blue-collar suburb of Los Angeles. Many of them have spent time in the nearby mountains, but others, for various reasons, have hardly left their city limits.

Jill Doughtie: Thanks for the props! I can't wait until summer--can't you just feel it?