Too Excited to Think About Much Else

As some of you may know, my friends J and ECC have offered me the use of a the garden plot in their back yard, just a mile down my street. Tomorrow, I plant. Today, I shopped.

What I get to dream about until harvest (and hopefully after):
Tomatoes: Black Krim, Momotaro, Missouri Love Apple, Matt's Wild Cherry
Chilis: Chili Arbol y Chili Ancho
Melons: Collective Farm Woman, Tigger, Boule D'Or, and Charantais
Two Japanese Eggplants
Herbs and edible flowers

I'll keep you posted on how my garden grows.


Susan said…
Black Krim...Christina, they are too spectacular! You must take photos of your plants when they are heavy with fruit.
Christina said…
I know, they are amazing. I had them at my old place and couldn't believe how wonderful the dark fruit--strangely yet delightfully salty--could be.

I planted today the Black Krim and other seedlings today. Planting is such a hopeful endeavor.

You can count on photos.
sarahww said…
Yay! We'll be able to have a veggie-rific co-op.

Hooray for J and E's octagon!

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