Someday, I'll Have a Yard

In the meantime, my sunny windows and balconies serve up quite astonishing treats.


Let me know if you wanna grow anything in "the octagon." It lies barren at the moment.
Susan in Italy said…
Beautiful pics! I've been amazed in the last few years of apartment living at what you can grow on a balcony. Still, I long for a yard too, or at least a community garden plot.
Christina said…
J and E: Thanks for the offer of the octagon!

S in I: Ah, a community garden plot . . . I dream of such a thing. Your blog rocks--welcome to mine!

Susan said…
I could crawl inside that orchid and get lost. I know a thing or two about flora, but please tell me what photos 1 and 2 are. I want to say lily (1) and allium (2), but these are just guesses. Now that I am in a condo with a cat, I am restricted from growing many things. There are a few moth-eaten ebay aspidistras, a rope, spiders, and a svelte cylindrical sansevieria out of the cat's way in the kitchen.
Christina said…
Susan: The first picture is of a succulent bulb whose tags I've lost. I've had it for three years now, and each spring it send up a more spectacular show of blossoms, but the rest of the year, it just looks like fleshy grass. It lives on my west balcony. The second picture is a hoya lacunosa, one of several very happy hoyas that hang in my windows. I have cats too; however, they are pretty good about staying off the plants, so my house is full of chlorophyll.

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